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Interesting from my Reader this week

This week I liked such things came up from my reader.

  • Enforcing a Base Controller. K. Scott Allen using very interesting technique for assert that some particular class is derived from expected class using reflection. That could be reused not only for case of Controllers (as Scott use) but any other classes.
  • New Embedded Database Support with ASP.NET. Announcement by Scott Gu of new DBMS by Microsoft that is positionized as brand-new, lightweight, no-install-require database system. It really looks interesting, so please welcome - SQL Server Compact Edition 4.
  • Introducing IIS Express. One more big annoucement by Scott Gu. IIS Express is new web server aimed to make life of developers easy and fun. It should combine easy-of-use features of development server and power of IIS server. Sure it is integrated with VS 2010.
  • MicroTut: How CSS Positioning Works. As usually a vey good tutorial by Martin Angelov. Explains something that you always forget and very nice to fresh up memory from time to time.
  • The Weekly Source Code 52 - You keep using that LINQ, I dunna think it means what you think it means. Very nice article by Scott Henselman about a pitfalls you will never know during coding with Linq (or any other ORM with generation of SQL). I remember a talk with my collegue from Denmark, Christian, then I was asking about his thoughts about "Is is good to start to use Linq for our project?” he said, “It is good till you keep eye on a actuall SQL that is being generated by framework”. Now I undrestand what he meant.

Happy reading!