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TestLint a new tool from TypeMock

As one of my favorite topics - tools that improve tests quality I would like to describe a TestLint. It is a rather new tool from famous TypeMock company, so as soon it has been announced I’ve immediately downloaded it.

I’ve used it couple of weeks and want to share what I liked:

  • It is lightweight, easy to install
  • It easily detects a empty test cases. In such case it shows a warning near the case
  • Documentation says that it is extendable by custom rules, but I haven’t tried it yes

What my initial feedback on it could be:

  • I would believe my tests are perfect, but “Empty” case if only one warning I saw from TestLint so far
  • Analysis is done on pre-build sources, so to get results you have to build you tests first
  • You can get analysis only by browsing a sources. It would be nice, if you can get all warnings in separate window
  • It would be nice to see all rules currently used in some UI
  • It would be nice if rules could be created not only by API but also through some interface

Anyway, TestLint is free, it doesn’t crash your Visual Studio, it helps you to do better job in some way - there are no reasons not to install it! I would recommend it and waiting for next versions with improvements.