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I’m not doing blogging for a long time, event if I started on march of 2008 I had a great pause in it. Originally I started a blog in Russian, but later I’ve decided to switch to English, mainly because I wanted to my colleagues from Denmark to read my blog.. and probably got bit wider audience. is a great place for bloggers. Even if you don’t plan to get money from your blog (as me) there are great number of tips/tricks for bloggers, as well as some inspiring information. I’ve started to read it recently I found it very interesting.

Daren Rowse is a man behing, professional blogger who live in Melbourne, Australia. He announced 7 Links challenge. I also decided to pick it up. Here we go:

  • First post - Первое сообщение it was a small introduction of myself to the world, as well as setting up objectives for this blog. It was in Russian, so what I said there is that I going to write about challenges that I met in my development course everyday, to keep and share the knowledge I got. I still doing that.. I think.
  • The post I enjoyed writing the most - I have a lot of fun during my blogging (even if sometimes it is hard to finish up some post) I enjoyed the GitHub Social coding the most. It was my first, not so technical, with elements of philosophy post.. I liked that!
  • A post which had a great discussion - I haven’t created a post that really attracted big attention and discussion. I’m OK with that, I still think I create one.
  • A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written - This is the one that Anton Litvinenko created recently, called The biggest demotivator for programmer. Nicely written and describing very actual things for every developer. It is not only me, who liked that it was in top of for several days.
  • A post with a title I am proud of - Hard to say may be No back up… Fail!. Don’t know why, but I liked the most.
  • A post that you wish more people had read - It might be the set of my first blog posts, related to TDD. I’ve tried to describe my vision of TDD and why I like it. It was in Russian and my first bloggin experience.. but anyway Разработка ведомая тестированием. Часть 1. Описание. And also I tried to find some ideas in Blogging with a GitHub and Blogspot? Ideas?.
  • My most helpful/visited post - so far it is DDD, Implementation of Repository pattern with Linq to SQL that I created after discussion of Repositories on forum that I try to read/write periodically.

This is it.. You can also join such challenge, please do that.

Happy blogging!