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Agileee 2010: Biggest Agile conference in East Europe

First of all I would like to say thank you to my company to be at this conference. It is really great to be part of such community, to see a lot of famous faces, to listen to a wise speeches.

I’ll share my overall impressions on this conference as well as some keynotes for sessions I attend.


Registration were fine and easy, no waiting lines, no crowd. Just gave my registration letter and got lunch tickets for both days as well as big bag. Then I looked in bag I found a lot of interesting stuff in it! There was a map of Kiev (I live in Kiev, but I believe that guests find it very useful), notepad, pens, some advs. What I really liked is notebook stickers by VersionOne (that I already put on my notebook :) and planning poker cards by GlobalLogic. Also, I was quite surprised to see that I represent Nigeria on Agileee 2010 :). So, organizators were in good humor.

Morning coffee

Since I was in really big hurry I was happy to see I still have time before Opening Session. All guests could enjoy morning coffee and tea, listening to some classic tunes played by a small orchestra. During the coffee it was great to see such guests as Mary Poppendieck, Allan Kelly and others.

Opening Session

Time to begin! Alexey Krivitsky and Natalia Trenina are major people on scene! Introduction speach were nice and clean, even it has been bit messed up with microphone issues that took place. Anyway, Agileee 2010 is opened, so it is time for speakers to do their work!


I really enjoyed some sessions, some was boring as for me. Having a notebook on my knees I tried to do as much notes as possible, so I’m planning to do a small review of each session I visisited. So my channel is going to be a little noisy next several days, but please stay in tune :).

My little feedback on organization.

The organization is really great, keep doing that guys :). What I personally complain about are: bad quality of WiFi connection, and few plugs to recharge of notebook’s battery.