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Agileee 2010: Timofey Yevgrashyn: Agile in Ukraine

Disclaimer: text below is compilation of notes I made on Agileee 2010 conference, listening to different speakers. I do it to keep knowledge I got on conference, share it with my colleagues and anyone else who interested. It is only about how I heard, interpret, write down the original speech. It also includes my subjective opinion on some topics. So it could not 100% reflects author opinion and original ideas.

Speech by Timofey Yevgrashyn, the pioneer of Ukrainian Agile movement, shares his vision of the history of Agile in Ukraine.


  • 2001: Agile Manifesto signed, dotcom crash, outsourcing growth.. and many Ukrainian outsourcing companies appears
  • 2005: First Scrum/XP projects in Ukraine, first certified Scrum Master
  • 2007: First scrum meeting in Ukraine
  • 2010: a lot of Agile conferences (Agileee, It jam, Agile base camp etc.)

Ukranian Agile

Timofey did a survey for gathering of information about actual Agile state in Ukraine, which he shared on his speach. Here a some facts of it.

  • 300 Ukrainian CSM (Certified Scrum Master) from ~104000 of the world
  • Ukraine teams are the “industry average”
  • Weakest areas on Ukrainian teams: retrospectives, planning

Timofey emphasis that we have to move somewhere, but there is no new methodology. Agile is already “sold”.. but not implemented. So, a lot of shops are ready to adapt Agile practices and try to do that, but not right (eventually it ends up with blaming Agile that it does not work). Ukrainian Agile adopters have to avoid “cherry picking”, implement all required practices (by book, using Shu-approach).

Allan Kelly were present on session did a several comments, that Ukrainian Agile people behave and do same mistake as in UK, as its in whole world. Later on he did very nice tweet: “#agileee Its reverse-Tolstoy again: All UnAgile teams are UnAgile in the same ways, all Agile teams are Agile in their own unique way”.