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Last workday before vacation

Today is my last day before vacation and I’m very exited about that!

Last year my wife and my friends did a great quest from Kiev to Ischgl, Austria. It was my first experience of driving for such big distance (total drive were ~4500 kilometers). We were too optimistic to do all road at once, without any stay on night.. we did it through, but it was too difficult :).. So, when we finally hit Ischgl, we were so tired and exhausted that even beauty of snow Alps were not please us. Fortunately that feeling gone after we got good diner and sleep (I remember I slept for 15 hours then). Nevertheless of hard road the snowboarding in Austria is just fantastic! We had a lot joy of long runs, beautiful slopes, great weather and fresh air! Some photos you ca find in my Picasa.

This year we are smarter, experienced and want for more! At September we started to plan next adventure, this time to Italian Alps (Dolomites). We will stay in Santa Cristina, Italy.. that gives us ability to joy of the best snow resorts of Val Gardena area. This is not only place we are going to visit. We have a night stay in Budapest, Hungary (last time we had only quick change to look at it, but I would say this is one of the most beautiful cities I ever seen) and Venice, Italy. At the way home we also planning to vist Retz, Austria. This time we are going to join both fun of snowboarding and excitement of Europe traveling. Venice is the place I dream to visit and I’m very happy that my dream will come true, soon :).

This year I’m leaving to vacation with very good mood. I’ve just rolled-out next version of, so it is upgraded up to 1.0.3 :), closed a lot of issues so far. But mostly because of very good progress we currently do with my fine team in E-conomic. I’m pretty happy to know that during my absence everything would remain with same control and with good performance.

So, that’s my time to re-charge a batteries a little :). See you in several weeks, guys!