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My first year in company

It is exactly one year since I joined E-conomic company. Last year I decided to switch the jobs and now I realize how much right decision it was. I got invitation on interview to E-conomic where I did a small test application and presented it to management and technical guys (hi Jakob, Chistian). I had no great experience with that time, since last years of my career I spent mostly on management tasks. Really, I just reviewed the code that I created year ago and I see it was not so good :). Fortunately, those guys believed that I could bring a value and offer me a job. Since then I try to do my best to proof - you were not wrong.

I see work in company as kind of mariage. Indeed, to feel happy in marriage you should have really strong match and level of trust to each other. Probably it is E-conomic where I first time understood how important trust between development and management. I forgot what the “estimation negotiation”, I forgot the problems with unrealistic project plans created by management and business guys. A lot of problems that only created conflicts on my previous jobs here done in very smooth way.

We are developer-centric company. Developers have power here, developers take a decisions, developers do the job. But with great power comes great responsibility. Developers are totally responsible for product quality. Here I saw a new model, not “Software Developer” but rather “Product Developer”.. Product developers job is not ended on coding and integration changes, but it is more for verification, configuration management and release. We don’t have testers here, but we have QA. And developers are part of QA also.

I enjoy the environment here very much. Even we are highly distributed team I feel the shoulder of each team mate. We working closer, doesn’t matter we are sitting >1000 km from each other. That was not so fast to get used to work like that, but now I have no problems at all. I really think that I’m part of the rest of team who mainly located in Copenhagen. This environment constantly inspires: I was happy to restore my blog (that I created in 2008, but then froze it), I do a lot of reading to understand modern web development, I released my small product.. and have bunch of new ideas and feel only lack of time to work on all of them :).

I would also say that Ciklum as Ukrainian representative does job very well. Basically 2 major things that I see Ciklum is great: it handles all infrastructure and finance very professional and does not interfere to work directly with client. If I have some kind of problem I know Ciklum would solve it, this is also good level of trust and I appreciate that.

Yes, I’m just happy developer now. And I really much correlate this with E-conomic. Last year decision changed my life. I think I found the place where I like to work, even if I spend more than 7 years for that.