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.NET Saturday in Ciklum

This Saturday it was really nice event organized and hosted by Ciklum. I had a big pleasure to be part of the event and was given a speech about Continues Production (Delivery) and my experience of using UppercuT, RoundhouE and Jenkinks for that.

The organization of event was really nice. Only the speakers were one who introduced disorder there :). Some speeches were bit longer than planned, that’s why schedule ruined from the very beginning of event. My speech was planned for 0.5 hour, but I’ve been 1 hour on stage.

I’ve been pretty nervous since I never gave public speeches, but I really liked that experience. I hope to visit/participate more .NET events in future. At the end I was happy that everything is alright and I’m finally done. So, in great mood and relaxed I stayed to listen for the rest of speakers.

Also I was really nice to meet Sergey Kalinets, Anton Vidishchev who shared their experience in TDD and MVC framework. Such type of event are really great for professionals gathering, helping to better communication and knowledge sharing.

Let me wish Ciklum and Inna Tueva in particular to have will and energy for organizing such events. Thanks a lot!