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Candidate, Application I Made on Hackatone

Here is quick description of application application I made on Hackatone this weekend. is just working name for the project that I’m going to change as soon as I got better idea :). It supposed to be a kind of service that provides integration with your github repositories and provides a Continues Deployment cycle for that repositories. Namely, every code change that being pushed to github is immediately build, tested and deployed, so the time between code push and production is very short excludes any manual work.

I’ve spent ~16 hours for building up this application, sure I haven’t managed to make it as a service.. but - during the process I’ve changed my vision for project, so first I would like to create good continues build engine (like Team City or Jenkins) and base my future service on top of it (yeah, I already got some further plans :).

Technologies behind:

  • jQuery + some small pluggins
  • UppercuT build framework

A picture says 1000 words, so here my little screencast of in action. It demonstrates the ability of setting up new application and hooking github push requests to build new application instance.

Source code is hosted on github Don’t forget it is really early prototype, the code is in big mess now.. I’m going to improve it much soon, so please keep watching repository.

I had a lot of fun of building this and have a better vision of how the application should look like. Hope to share it soon. I would be happy to hear some feedback on this.. and of cause you are free to fork repo and make your improvement (especially in UI/UX :).