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What I'm Going To Do

Lazy summer days have gone and cool September came. It is good time to think, decide on projects and goals. No time to chill.

I have a different things in my mind, all the time. My biggest problem is loosing focus and task switching. I simply can not do one thing for quite long time. I need something new, I need to satisfy my exploration instinct. In the same time, achievement of results require much focus. I would like to be more focused.

I’ll try to formulate my current projects and expectations I have. That’s my active projects, sorted by priority:

  • - my job. Working for economic is very important to me since it is main project that gives me money. We are doing interesting things there, problem is our technological stack and frameworks are outdated. That’s typical stage for every big project and pretty de-motivator for developers (especially me). Working with old stuff is hard and boring, that’s fact. But we have good team there and hope we are able to solve problems and move to bright future.
  • - the application I started on Kiev Hackatone. Remember I was describing my experience with Continues Delivery based on Jenkins? That worked and works for me perfectly, expect the fact that Jenkins is Java application and consumes a lot of recourses (but I have quite limited resources on my VSP, actually). Candidate is the one who going to substitute Jenkins for me. Based on a power of Bounce and Roundhouse I will create nice and easy to use Continues Delivery tool for .NET websites and of cause release it open sourced for everyone. BTW, Candidate is working name and I’m looking for cool name for it, if you have any ideas let me know.
  • - the first application I build and released on my own. Exactly this project gave me knowledge of “release” and how tough and hard it is. I haven’t write about it and haven’t done any major release recently. My bad. I’m not going to close that project. Still they say me “there are 1.000.000 GTD application around the internet”, you know - I don’t care. 10 month passed after version 1.0 released and it is only now I really understand what I want to create. I’ve been user of trackyt by myself for long time, I’ve collected priceless feedback of my friends.. I gathered more experience in building that kind of applications. I have clear vision both application and technology stack I’m going to use. I’m not happy with current version (and project name), so I’m simply going to start from scratch. Release 2.0 will be much interesting and useful, at least I hope that much.
  • - my blog. Least but not last, since is my biggest motivator. I will continue my Inside ASP.NET MVC as well as all other things I try to put here. Of cause, producing good content is very difficult job.. but you are (readers) could improve it much. Don’t be lazy to post comments and any other feedback. It is really important for every blogger.

Besides of that I’m really happy that this year I joined Kiev ALT.NET community. Recently we also started to have Beer-n-code sessions, that is really cool. I’m going to continue my contribution there as well.