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Sayonara Nippon

I’ve just got back from the most wonderful country I ever been to - Japan.

japan gates

Japan is really different from everything I got used to. Differences are everywhere, from traffic direction to people behavior. But in general Japan is well developed, high cultural country with interesting history.

Tokyo is huge, but the same is Tokyo Metropolitan which is really complex, but makes travel from one part of city to another very fast. First day we have a lot of problems to understand metropolitan labyrinths, but with a little practice it does not look so scary anymore. Btw, I’ve never seen very over crowded stations and trains, even if you travel in rush hour. Comparing to Kyiv metro, Tokyo one is very expensive, where you pay as much as you go.

tokyo metropolitan

People there are very kind, ready to help you. But the problem is communication. Very few Japanese can speak English. Usual dialog is something like. “Do you speak English?”, “A little..” and then nothing, even if you try to use as elementary words as possible. So, language barrier is very high. But as soon as they understood your problem, be sure you gonna get help. Once we’ve lost in metropolitan and one lady went out from station with ask, contacted metropolitan officer and explained our further actions. Such scenario happened several times.


Food is very delicious and relatively not expensive. Chinese and Japanese dishes are usually available together in restaurants. But if you want to go with sushi, you have to find specialized one. There are absolutely not a problem to eat in Tokyo. In each corner you could find small restaurants and cafeterias where you will be able to find what you like. Food is available mostly everywhere, including metro stations.

tokyo park

Tokyo is concrete and wires jungle, but there are several great parks inside. They are beauty and calm. It is easy to find a bench to sit and observe spectacular views. It is great to relax body and mind there.

I would not say I’ve seen a lot, but I really enjoyed with everything I saw.

Sayonara Nippon! Hope to visit you again in a while.. Best luck to you!