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Kiev ALT.NET Community Thoughts

I’ve just reviewed blog posts I created thought that year and realized that I miss very important piece of information here. Something that literally changed my developers life. And I’m talking about Kiev ALT.NET community.

From my first join at the beginning of the year I amazed with very cool and friendly atmosphere there. I tried to visit every meeting and each of them brought some value for me. And the most valuable asset I got there is people I met. Those guys simply rock.


Mike Chaliy, the leader of community does exceptional job. I could imagine how hard could it be to do all organization work and he does that very well.

What’s important, Mike involved me to do my own speech. I remember that first time when I was sharing my experience with Continues Deployment based on Chuck Norris tools and Jenkins. That was a good start and I did several more speeches after. I would say it happened only because of Kiev ALT.NET.

Getting of knowledge for me is not only books, podcasts and just coding practice. But also, discussions, questions and speeches. I this is definitely productive way of learning.

So, I’m very thankful to Kiev ALT.NET for that positive feel of progress, pleasure of communication with smart guys and fun time of after parties.I wish a long life for community and try to help it as much as I can.