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Speeches Hat-Trick For This Weekend

It’s been great weekend. It started Friday evening with Kiev ALT.NET meet-up which been in idle for a while and everybody missed that. There was a three planned speeches: by @_TKL on Continuous Testing (NCrunch, MightyMoose), NancyFX framework by me and FubuMVC by @skalinets.

I would not say I got great experience on Nancy so far. But I’m pretty exited on frameworks features and super-dupper-happy-path. Almost all knowledge I gathered thought hacking of IdeaStrike, listening to Herding Code episode and reading documentation. But anyway, I believe it turns out to be good introductory presentation.

Right after my Nancy talk I moved to central train station, since I was about to visit Ciklum .NET Saturday in Dnepropetrovsk. .NET Saturday’s is just great initiative by Ciklum company. I’s free event, everybody welcome, content is usually nice. I highly recommend to follow their events.

I had two talks there. First one about “Continuous Delivery” that I did on Agile Base Camp 2012. Besides of the talk I also did a quick and improvised demo of Candidate application. Even if I had some technical issues the demo went fine.

Another one is for logging and tracking unhandled exceptions in ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC application based on ELMAH. I showed some basics features as well easiness of ELMAH integration to ASP.NET MVC with ELMAH.MVC NuGet package. It was very light and funny talk, especially discussing Troy Hunt’s ELMAH attack.

I also really much enjoyed Anton Samarskyy talk on jQuery deffered objects and Vitaly Koval did great hacking session of WinRT.

I some of you been listening to me on those speeches and still have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by comments or through twitter. See you next time!