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Second Year of E-conomic

Yeah, it’s been 2 years since I joined the e-conomic company. As it was last year, this year e-conomic still plays very important role in my life, so I’ll spent some time to write this blog post.

Well, a lot of things changed I would say. Some people came, some people left. Teams rotating all the time, I’m no longer work with guys I used to work last year. We are doing revolutionary things there, no doubts. It doesn’t mean, we are creating new search engines or inventing new type of computer. No, we are revolutionizing ourselves much.. doing the same type of products, but doing it differently.

Remember I wrote about how technologies helps to move product faster - that was an example of radical changes in framework and tools we did to successfully deliver the product. I believe something happened last year, something that gave much pulse for changes. And that pulse still affects us. We went much further of changing for Web Forms to MVC or jQuery to Backbone.js. Recently our back-end team finished up POC of using node.js + MongoDB as our perspective server side technology stack. And they actually proved that it will work for us.

From my perspective, e-conomic much improved in this year. And this is of cause happened, because people how work in e-conomic improved. Without any hesitate, I would say that currently we have the strongest team ever. Both Danish and Ukrainian parts. It’s amazing how smooth the technologies change was, how fast new concepts been adopted, how motivated and hardworking guys joined together.

We’ve been empowered not only by engineers, but also with our newly assembled UI/UX team. No secret, everybody want to work with beautiful things. I equally appreciate both the quality of code and quality of design. And this is want UI/UX team care about. And this is fantastic job as for me. We are changing the design quite regularly and each iteration it turns better and better. Colors, fonts, usability tricks - that’s something that gives a life to modern web applications.

As usually the developers see only the tip of iceberg of whole company business, but I really hope that all good stuff that’s happening inside engineering department will find it’s reflection in quality of service, usability and user happiness.. that at the end of the day bring the company more users and more money. Sure, the things are moved not only by developers. I would say, we are doing the easiest job. Our PO’s and Stakeholders - that’s where ideas are coming from. The quality of those “ideas” are directly proportional to output quality. And this quality is getting better and better each day.

We are doing finishing strokes on new product, called It’s amazing application and I hope it will find it’s audience very fast.

So, I’ll say goodbye to the past year and look forward for new journeys in next one.