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I Enrolled to Udacity 'Build Search Engine' Online Course

I’m astonished how many opportunities we have now to learn and self-improve there days. One of the greatest things was announcement of online courses by Stanford. Stanford is the world class university with best professors and highest reputation. Then I first time heard that some of Stanford courses are online with videos, quizzes and materials - I thought to my self, - I would not miss the thing.

With a great support of Coursera and Udacity now we have great list of interesting courses, including programming, artificial intelligence, cryptography etc. Lead by well known specialists those courses are just price-less, nevertheless they are available for free.

I have enrolled for new course by Udacity - CS101: Building a Search Engine that has been started 16 Apr 2012, by David Evans and Sebastian Thrun. This should be interesting journey inside the web crawling, data mining, ranking etc. What is good for me it would not evolve hardcode-math and also does some good introduction into Python programming language. By the way, CS101 does not assume you know any computer language before or any special math knowledge. So, my assumptions that this course should not take hours of digging into the difference between o(n) and O(n) but rather has more practical aspects.

So, why I’m writing that?.. Millions of people are joining them, a lot of people already got successful records for several courses already. OK, let’s look in eyes of truth. I enrolled for several ones already (ml-class and saas). But neither I successfully completed. Due to my business (read as laziness) I quickly went out of schedule and it was to difficult to line up again. I don’t want it happen again.

I have some small goals for a next 7 weeks:

  • Start up learning new language

  • Lean something new in data mining and data processing

  • Improve my self learning discipline

  • Encourage myself for next online courses

I think CS101: Building a Search Engine is vey nice candidate, because:

  • As I said it should not include very complex math (that I already manage to forgot)

  • It has no strict deadlines for units

  • It is interesting enough to do not be bored in a middle (at least I hope so)

Moreover, I’ll be doing a weekly blog post (Saturday) about highlighting the things I learned through week. If you are interested, please jump in since that train is still not gone. I’m sure it will be great experience.

Let’s do that together!