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IT Jam 2012 in Kiev

It’s been my second time I attended IT Jam, the biggest IT gathering in Ukraine. This time, the rules has been completely changed. Instead of traditional speeches, the organizers decided to make community spots, there people might have a chance to group and discuss different issues. There were number of spots there: .NET, JavaScript, iOS, UX etc.

Besides the community spots, there was several stages where visionary speakers did their presentations. I had a chance to listen Christopher Marsh, and really enjoyed his vision of lean product development. At 13.00 community spots started to operate, to I went there.

.NET spot is a closest to me, since it’s lead by guys whom I personally know and number of participants are well known guys from local .NET community. Mike Chaliy asked me to give a brief talk on.. Node.js. So, together with Dmytro Mindra we did kind of introduction to Node.js to .NET developers, introducing to the history of this rather new technology, it’s main features and showing some real code. Planned for 15 minutes, we’ve spend about hour talking about it. Besides of pure technology talk, I shared some experience of e-conomic switch from .NET to Node.js stack for the latest products and how it worked for us (mainly my message was, throw away your boring C# and switch to JS.. so I had a chance to been kicked off the spot, but everything were fine at the very end). .NET spot was very active, attracted many many participants. People were talking about newest .NET framework features, like Async, Azure, Kinect etc.

JavaScript spot leaded by my team mate Eldar Djafarov was also very exiting. Guys did a very nice job, preparing some cool JavaScript applications, that people might play with. I joined it, having a quite interesting discussion of front end development issues with different JavaScript MVC frameworks. Again, the experience we’ve got in company regarding Backbone.js, unit testing and tools was very interesting to developers.

Almost 4 hours on community spots were like one minute to me.

I really liked how the things went. From my perspective the idea of community spots was really cool. Probably, it’s to difficult for introverts, to feel them self comfortable with this environment, so mix up of formal speeches and spots could be a good idea for future conferences.

I wish to say thanks for organizers of this event for everybody involved, great effort guys. As always, it was so great to meet with colleagues from other cities and shake the hand for guys, whom I knew only virtually before. See you next year!