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I Quit My Job

Since 6 Dec 2013, I’m officially unemployed. I quit my job in E-conomic there I spent almost 3.5 years of happy life. Leaving the company was a really tough decision, but it had to be made.

A lot of things happed during that time. No doubts, E-conomic and Ciklum did the most significant impact of my professional career so far. The reason for that is simple: the people surrounds you are most important aspect in your job. From the very first days, till last ones – I worked with high qualified professionals there.

For all the period I felt the passion towards what I’m doing. Doesn’t matter, is that .NET or JavaScript, new features or bug fixes. Everything made sense to me. I like to see how company improved through the time and I want to believe I was the part of that improvements.

We worked really hard there and solved hard problems. We had shitty situations and big celebrations. We had long debates and small dramas. We had fun.

But for a last couple of months, I realized that something has changed. That feeling could be called – Thrill is gone.

Yes, simply enough. I can’t work on anything if I’m not 100% excited about. The product we worked on already become big and well established. Even with new features there I haven’t seen big challenges to me. Every day was a kind of “another day in a office”, not like “climbing to Kilimanjaro”, that I prefer to feel from work.

Don’t get me wrong. I think any project could be challenging and all the time it’s possible to find a challenge, but I clearly realized – to be honest to yourself and your company, you have to move on.

I’m not leaving for competitor, I’m not leaving for money, I’m not leaving for better place. Instead, I’m putting myself outside the comfort zone and I want to challenge myself as hard as possible. I quit my job, to do something completely new to me.