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My profession is engineering

Alexander Beletsky

My name is Alexander Beletsky, I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, but currently live and work in Berlin, Germany.

Through almost 15 years of professional experience, I worked on many projects, with a broad range of technologies. For the last years, my focus primarily on a web technological stack, utilizing JavaScript eco-system.

I consider myself as a full-stack engineer, working on back-end and front-end and having fun on making products happen.

My passion goes to technological startups, small teams, people who respect the craft and respect other people.

I founded one company back in 2013 and failed with it. Since when I work hard on my entrepreneur skills and try to learn as much as possible, to apply that knowledge and experience on my next venture.

I like to share my knowledge through blogging, having talks on various conferences and pushing code on github.

You can get in touch with me on twitter or email.