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Likeastore is Shutting Down

In July 2013, we’ve launched Likeastore. We wanted to solve one problem — keep content that caught your attention in one place.

1,000 Sign-Ups Before Launching a Product

In the middle of May 2015, I’ve launched my “Minimum Desirable Product”, the story of launch and initial validation can be found here.

How I Spent a Month and $1.500 to Validate The Idea

After my previous startup, I’ve promised myself to work only on something that people want.

Google Chrome Extension to Make Search Experience Better

The way you can improve Google Search results with simple extension.

Things You Didn’t Know About Instagram

Interesting facts about best photo service.

Favorited Interesting Link on Twitter, What’s Next?

New way of bookmarking based on social likes.

Renaissance of JavaScript

Projecting a history of civilization to programming language.