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My profession is engineering

I like to participate conferences and meetups both as listener and speaker. Some of my recent talks are listed below.

Snapshot Testing: Going beyond UI 2018

The talk from BerlinJS community meetup


Tech Culture in Startups 2018

The talk I gave at blogfoster technical talks meeting

Slides Video (english)

This is Node.js 2014

The talk I gave on UA Dev Club, Kiev


PaaS in Your Pocket with Dokku 2013

The talk I gave in @RejectJS in September 2013, Berlin.

Slides Transcript Video (english)

Building Single Page Applications 2013

The talk I gave in April-2013 on MSSWIT conference in Kiev.

Slides Transcript Video (russian)

.NET developer in JavaScript world 2013

Lightning talk I gave in #OdessaJS conference.

Slides Transcript

How to write good tests? 2013

Small talk that I gave to @debitoor guys about practices of writing tests.


Dynamic web development with Oak 2013

The speech I did about Oak, library that works on top of ASP.NET MVC and utilizes features of dynamic is sake of productivity and frictionless development.


Test driven JavaScript 2012

The slides from master class I did on XP Days 2012.

Slides Video (russian)

Continuous Delivery, PechaKucha 2012

My smalltalk about continuous delivery about Continuous Delivery.


Overview of ASP.NET Web API Framework 2012

Overview of ASP.NET Web API Framework.


Overview of JavaScript Applications Development Frameworks 2012

Overview of JavaScript Applications Development Frameworks.

Slides Video 1 (russian) Video 2 (russian)

Large Scale JavaScript Applications 2012

Slides of my talk about large scale JS applications.

Slides Video 1 (russian) Video 2 (russian)

ASP.NET MVC4 for Mobile Web Application 2012

It describes main features of ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and jQuery for development of mobile web applications.

Slides Video (russian)

VS2011 and ASP.NET MVC4 Beta 2012

Light talk I gave on KievALT.NET regarding recently release VS and new ASP.NET MVC framework.



This is a small presentation given on .NET Saturday in Dnepropetrovsk. It shows all main features of ELMAH and easy intergration of ELMAH to MVC applications.


Nancy FX - web development framework for rest of us 2012

Nancy FX - web development framework for rest of us, speech I gave on KievALT.NET meetup.


Continuous Delivery Why / How / When ? 2012

My speech on AgileBaseCamp 2012 “From Idea to Product”


Approval Testing 2011

Slides from my speech on XP Days Ukraine 2011 conference about Appoval Tests framework and approach.

Slides Video (russian)

A little information about Git 2011

In this talk I describe some intial information and internal of the most popular DVCS system - Git.


Inside ASP.NET MVC Framework 2011

This a speech dedicated to experienced ASP.NET MVC developers who is curious about - “How things are done?”. During the talk we’ll make a trip right from HttpRequest back to View rendering and response produce.