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Subtext: Open source blogging engine project

One of my previous posts I mentioned a Subtext as open source project that I keep eye, recently. Originally created by Phil Haack, one of the authors of MVC framework. I though about contribution for some of open source project for long time, so first time I saw Subtext I realized that it could be good one to try.

Project is hosted on Google Code, using SVN as source control system. So, it is easy to get read access to Subtext repository. Currently Subtext is actively developed by Simone, managed by Phil. It is still supported by community, so everyone is able to submit a patch.

What I liked about Subtext itself:

  • Easy to use. Clear installation procedure, clear interfaces. Easy, because of simplicity.
  • Proven by time. It is already 2.6 release of Subtext now. Quite mature, developed about 5 years years.
  • Used in community. Many bloggers hosts their blogs on Subtext.

But of cause I was attracted mostly by its code. I really liked how Subtext solution done and try to extract some good practices and approaches to my personal knowledge base. Code quality is high, it is clearly seen what architecture approaches did author used, how it is breakdown thought components and layers. I was happy to see a lot of unit tests created.

I’m hacking Subtext now. I try to understand how it works, what technologies used, what issues exists. I like how it goes, because I feel “follow the master” concept, during work on Subtext. So, it is one of my first experience of working on open source projects, I would like to describe, what my contribution is:

  • Find new bugs. Yeap, I do little tester job here. I click through the application and submit new issues to tracker.
  • Little fixes. As I found some problem and it is quite clear, I submit a patch for it.
  • Verification of fixes. I try to look through latest fixes made and verify them.
  • Feature request proposal. As I see something lack, it is possible to do a feature request. Sure, as soon as it is accepted, you are free to submit a patch with implementation.

I like how it goes. I’ve already submitted several patches, hope it is not the end. Unfortunately, I could not spend as much time as I want.. but at least. I hope it will be a good experience, both for me and Subtext.