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Kiev ALT.NET Re-launch with Jimmy Bogard

Good news, Kiev ALT.NET community! One of the best know ALT.NET developers Jimmy Bogard is visiting us on December 11. It’s been awhile since the last meetup we had, so it’s just great time to gather again and listen to the presentation Jimmy prepared for us.

There will be a talk with intriguing name “Real World Polyglot Persistence”. Here is the short description of it.

It always sounds easy - “use the best tool for the job”. With very isolated systems, it’s easy to decide RDBMS for one application, Redis for another and Cassandra for somethings else. When it comes time to building systems with multiple persistent stores, we’re met with challenges in integration, existing applications, and push back from IT administrators. In this session, we’ll look at the multitude of challenges of achieving polyglot persistence nirvana, and strategies for addressing associated risks.

I don’t know about you, but for me it sound extremely interesting.

Meetup will take place in Ciklum, the most spectacular place in Kiev - Sky Point at 19-00. As always, Ciklum happily agreed host us.

Participation is completely free, but you have to register before. Registration is available here.

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